• FIIO KB3 review; keyboard with two CS43131 DACs and 3.5/4.4mm jacks

    I received FIIO KB3.

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    I received a TinHiFi T4 Plus.

  • MUSE HiFi ME1 Review – Well balanced DLC 1DD + Knowles 1BA earphone

    I received MUSE HiFi ME1.

  • AFUL Performer 5 Review – Powerful resonant bass, 1DD+4BA earphones

    I received AFUL Performer 5.

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    I received a TINHiFi T2 2022.

  • TinHiFi Tin Buds 3 review – Wireless earbuds with aptX, 6mm drivers and pleasant bass

    I received TinHiFi Tin Buds 3.

  • TRN Kirin earphones review – 14.5mm drivers, removable nozzle to change sound quality

    I received TRN Kirin.