AFUL Performer 5 Review – Powerful resonant bass, 1DD+4BA earphones

Performer 5

I received AFUL Performer 5.

1DD + 4BA, 3D printed acoustic structure

The AFUL Performer 5 is an IEM earphone with a 5-driver hybrid configuration of 1DD + 4BA.

They use EnvisionTEC medical-grade 3D printing technology and feature a 60mm ultra-long, ultra-thin bass tube and a 30mm mid-bass tube for powerful, deep bass response and excellent phase connection with other frequencies.

As many as eight patented technologies are utilized in the internal construction.


Included is a 0.78mm 2-pin – 3.5mm cable, 12 earpieces, and a case.


The cable is easy to hang over the ear.

It is a little thicker.


It seems less likely to break, which is a relief.

It is a little less likely to tangle than thinner cables, making it less cumbersome to carry around.

AFUL Performer 5

It looks tough, but it is not heavy.

The weight was 10.5g including earpieces.


Good wearability

AFUL Performer 5 uses a high-damping air pressure balancing system that releases air pressure in the ear canal when worn.

The system is said to provide a comfortable fit and at the same time improve the bass texture, and I was able to listen for long periods of time without discomfort, with a good feeling of comfort when actually wearing the device.


The sensitivity is 110dB@1kHz and the frequency response range is 5Hz-35kHz.

They are equipped with RLC network frequency division technology, which can compensate for non-ideal frequency response in certain frequency bands.

The faceplate is shiny and sparkling.

AFUL Performer 5


Positioning was not particularly problematic, and I could clearly perceive vertical and horizontal movement.

The separation of instruments was good, and the left-right spread seemed particularly better than with other earphones I have.


Drums and other bass sounds like a powerful thump, and vocals are clear and intelligible.

The bass is so heavy that you might want to ask yourself if you have a tiny subwoofer in your ear.

While the bass is firm, it does not interfere with the treble or vocals.


High notes, such as hi-hats, are also smooth, but sometimes felt slightly piercing.

Overall, though, the sound is clean, crisp, and well balanced.


The AFUL Performer 5 had a well-balanced output, with bass sounding particularly heady and powerful.

The separation was good, and it was easy to hear the tones of instruments, which was difficult to hear with other earphones.

I did not experience any ear pain even after wearing them for long periods of time.

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