TINHiFi T2 2022 review – Lightweight earphones with balanced sound

TINHiFi T2 2022

I received a TINHiFi T2 2022.

Earphones with DLC diaphragm coils

TINHiFi T2 2022 is an earphone with 10mm dynamic drivers with DLC (Diamon-Like Carbon) diaphragm coils.

They use Japanese CCAW ultra-lightweight coils.

TINHiFi T2 2022

The box opens horizontally.


In addition to the earpieces that come with the earphones, the box includes four sizes of earpieces, silicone earpieces, a 0.78mm 2-pin cable, and an instruction manual.

Silicone earpieces can be used for better sound insulation.


The cable is processed so that it hangs easily over the ear, and L and R are identified by letters and colors.


The cavity is made of an aviation-grade aluminum alloy material and is slightly cooler.


It is lightweight at 7.2g for both ears.


Because of the angularity, the corners sometimes hurt a little when they hit my ears.

TINHiFi T2 2022

Well-balanced sound adjustment

The TINHiFi T2 2022 is rather bass-heavy, but overall it is a well-balanced model that sounds beautifully in both bass and mids and highs.

TINHiFi T2 2022


Positioning is good, with close sounds sounding louder and up, down, left, and right movements being clearly perceived.


Bass is strong without being over-emphasized, and drums and other sounds are powerful.

Vocals were heard close to the ear, and claps and other sounds were clearly audible.


The treble is clear and distinct without sounding light, and I felt that they were not too tiring to listen to.

In some situations, such as hi-hats, the bass sounded a bit muffled.

The TINHiFi T2 2022 is well-balanced, and both bass and mid/high tones sound beautiful.

I recommend TINHiFi T2 2022 to those who do not want earphones with excessively strong bass.

Despite its low price, the sound is comparable to other companies’ high-priced earphones, and I think TINHiFi T2 2022 is a good cosmetic product.

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