TinHiFi T4 Plus Review – Well-balanced earphones that do not tire the listener

TinHiFi T4 Plus

I received a TinHiFi T4 Plus.

10mm magnetic CNT driver

TinHiFi T4 Plus earphones feature a 3rd generation CNT composite diaphragm and N54 external magnetic circuit design.

The three frequency bands are balanced and the bass is said to be tuned with high precision to sound boomy and attractive.

TinHiFi T4 Plus

Included is a 0.78mm 2-pin cable, earpieces (sizes S, M, and L), and a protective case.

The leather case gives it a luxurious feel.


The leather case contains the cable and earpieces.


There are two types of earpieces, the orange one with soft low-resilience sponge, which provides a little better sound insulation.

Earpieces without silicone covers can get dirty with earwax and be difficult to clean, so this type is quite good because it is easy to remove dirt.


The cable is designed to hang easily over the ear.


The face cover is made of wood.

It is compact with an elongated shape.


The weight is approximately 8.7g for both ears.


It has a sensitivity of 106 dB, an impedance of 32 Ω, and a frequency response range of 10 Hz-20 kHz.

TinHiFi T4 Plus


Positioning is good, and the vertical and horizontal movement was clearly felt.

Distant sounds seemed to be properly heard in the distance.


It is a solid bass, with the kick drum being particularly prominent.

Because the bass is not too strong, it seems less tiring to listen to for long periods of time.


Resolution is good and treble is clear.

However, there were times when the smallest hi-hat notes sounded crushed.

Overall, the bass, vocals, and treble are well balanced, and the sound is almost neutral.


TinHiFi T4 Plus earphones are recommended for those who prefer a clear, near-neutral sound.

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