TRN Kirin earphones review – 14.5mm drivers, removable nozzle to change sound quality

TRN Kirin

I received TRN Kirin.

IEM with 14.5mm planar magnetic driver

TRN Kirin is an earphone with a 14.5mm planar magnetic driver.

TRN Kirin

It has a fairly extensive list of accessories:

  • 2-pin high-purity 8-core silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable (approx. 1.2m)
  • 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm interchangeable plugs
  • 6.5mm adapter
  • Earpiece (white M pre-installed, S, M, L included)
  • Ear piece (black S, M, L)
  • Shape memory earpiece
  • Replacement nozzles
  • Aluminum case
  • Manual and warranty card


It is good that in addition to the different sizes, they also come with shape-memory earpieces for better sound insulation.


It has an interesting structure in that the plug side of the cable can be interchanged.

A single cable can be switched between 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm to match the DAP/DAC to which it is connected.

The only drawback is that there is no locking mechanism that securely fastens the cable to the plug, so the cable tends to come off when it is pulled.

This is good for listening to music in a relaxed manner, but may not be suitable for listening while moving around.


It is not only the plug of the cable that can be replaced, but also the nozzle of the earphone.

No special tools are required, and the nozzles can be attached and detached simply by turning them around.


Each nozzle has a slightly different length and hole size.


The Transparent sounded a little more refreshing than the Reference, while the Atmospheric sounded more pronounced.

Personally, I preferred Transparent and Reference, as Atmospheric seemed to mix the different sounds too much.


TRN Kirin’s housing is CNC machined magnesium alloy, which is said to be effective in reducing harmonic resonances.

The black color with gold accents is cool.

TRN Kirin

High resolution and good balance between bass and treble

Sense of positioning

I could clearly feel the vertical and horizontal movement.

The sound field seems to be wider.


Even in a song like Billie Eilish’s “bad guy,” which has a strong bass sound to begin with, there is no unpleasant feeling that the sound pressure has simply been increased, and the bass can be enjoyed comfortably.

The vocalist’s whispering voice also sounds beautifully as if she is whispering in my ear.

In the midrange, vocals seem to come forward particularly easily.


In BUMP OF CHICKEN’s Acacia, the high hi-hats kept ringing and sounded beautiful without sounding crushed.

Each instrument’s sound was clearly discernible and the resolution was high.

TRN Kirin has a good balance of bass and treble, with a moderate emphasis on vocals in particular.

It is easy to clearly distinguish the sound of each instrument, and the nozzles and earpieces can be fine-tuned to your preference.

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