OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler review – Extreme cooling

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I purchased the OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler.

Cooler that provide ultra-powerful cooling

As the performance of smartphones increases, they inevitably generate more heat.

Especially in summer, high room temperatures tend to heat up the device and limit its performance.

This is where the OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler, an external cooler that maintains high performance through powerful cooling, comes in handy.

OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler

A USB Type-C cable is included.

Cables other than the included one can be used without problems.


There is a USB Type-C port, which can supply power from either the top or bottom when held horizontally, whichever you prefer.

USB Type-C

On the other side there is a switch to adjust the speed of the cooling fan.

It can be adjusted in three steps.


The claws are designed to leave a gap between the claws and the power and volume buttons, making it difficult for the claws to interfere with the power and volume buttons.

This is a simple but good consideration that increases convenience.


The back side looks like this.


It weighs 111.9g.


At three levels, the sound is quite loud, but at one level, it is not so loud that it is difficult to tell whether the device is working or not.

Thanks to the slightly elevated position of the exhaust port, there was little direct contact of the exhaust with my fingers when I held the device horizontally.

Note that the fan stops automatically when it is removed from the phone (when the claws are not extended), so it cannot be used with devices with a width of less than 7 cm.

When I put it on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra in the third stage and played Genshin at the highest quality and 60FPS setting, the temperature only rose to 33°C at the maximum, averaging 58.9FPS.

Without a fan, the temperature rises to 38-41℃, which shows the great cooling ability of the OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler.


In the 3DMark Wild Life Extreme Stress Test on the REDMAGIC 7S, the stability went from 97.7% without a fan to 99.5% with a fan.

Temperatures that had risen to 50°C without a fan are now down to 35°C.


The third stage cools too powerfully, so much so that condensation could form, so be sure to adjust the fan speed according to the temperature.



The cooling performance of the OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler is quite high, making it an ideal companion for game play, especially during the summer months.

It is recommended for those who want to play at high frame rates for as long as possible.

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