Xiaomi Smart Band 7 NFC Review – Returns with Always-on Display and Regular Measurement of Blood Oxygen Levels


I received a Xiaomi Smart Band 7 NFC.

Larger screens and finally always-on displays

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7, the latest in Xiaomi’s popular line of smart bands, is now available in China and globally.

The display, which was 1.1 inches on the Mi Smart Band 5 and 1.56 inches on the Xiaomi Smart Band 6, is even larger at 1.62 inches on the Xiaomi Smart Band 7.

It even supports “always on display,” which allows the watch to always be displayed, so you can quickly check the time without having to lift your arm.

Health monitoring has also been improved, with the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels.

Model Name Xiaomi Smart Band 7 NFC
Display 1.62inch
Waterproofing 5ATM
Battery Life 15 days
Size 46.5 x 20.7 x 12.25mm
Weight 13.8g (25.7g with band)

This review is of the Chinese version of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 NFC M2130B1.

The official name is “Xiaomi Smart Band 7”, not Mi Band 7 or Mi Smart Band 7.


Instructions and a magnetic charging cable are included.


You can use the same charging cable as the Xiaomi Smart Band 6.

It is easy to start charging by simply attaching the band without the need to remove it.

It takes about 2 hours to charge.


Lightweight at 25.7g and comfortable

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 weighs 25.7g including the band.

It is very light and does not get in the way when worn.

Despite its larger screen and higher functionality, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 weighs only 1.8g, an increase from the 23.9g of the Xiaomi Smart Band 6.


Brightness improved from a maximum of 450 nits to 500 nits

The Xiaomi Smart Band 6 had a maximum display brightness of 450 nits, while the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 improves it slightly to 500 nits.

Automatic brightness adjustment is not supported.

There is an option to light the screen with a tap or swipe.


With the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 NFC strap/band, a gold ring is added to the clasp.

It’s a small detail, but it gives a high-end feel typical of higher-end models.


Note that the band is not compatible with past models such as the one for the Xiaomi Smart Band 6.

It is possible to put it on, but it will not fit snugly and will put a lot of stress on the band.

While I am happy with the larger screen, it is a shame that I have to repurchase a replacement band almost every time….


The response to screen touch is not much different from previous models, and it seems to be delayed one step.

It would be difficult to improve performance due to its compact size, and I think it is unavoidable.


Although the NFC version offers options for NFC payments such as Alipay, I don’t think it will be used much in Japan.

It would be quite useful when visiting China.


Swiping left or right on the home screen takes you to Xiaomi’s voice assistant, NFC payment menu, and music controls by default.

The buttons are small and difficult to press, but you can play, pause, etc. at your fingertips without touching the phone’s screen.


Can be paired with either Mi Fitness or Zepp Life

To pair the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 with your smartphone, use Mi Fitness (formerly Xiaomi Wear) or Zepp Life (formerly Mi Fit).

If you have used a Xiaomi smart band before, you can carry over your past data by using the same app as you did then.

For the Chinese version, the region that appears in the app’s initial settings must be set to China to proceed to pairing.

Even if the region setting is set to China, the app itself can still be used in your local language (if the app supports it).


The app’s home screen graphically displays heart rate, number of steps, blood oxygen level, and calories, as shown here.


Graphs can be detailed by day, week, and month.


Sleep monitoring is also possible and can display REM sleep duration and sleep quality.


Blood oxygen levels can now be measured not only manually, but also automatically when you are not moving, with the addition of “all-day tracking.

Since you can measure without being aware of it, you can also set alerts to help you immediately notice when you have reached a dangerous level without realizing it.


Sleep monitoring can also utilize the microphone to have a respiration score calculated.


This is easy to understand because they include detailed explanations in the application.


The “App Notifications” option, which also notifies the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 of notifications coming to the smartphone, allows users to turn on and off all apps individually, including Gmail.


It also displays correctly in non-Chinese languages such as Japanese.


Compared to the displays on the global Xiaomi Smart Band 6, 5, and 4, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 has slightly smaller text, with six characters per line.


Some settings, such as Always on display, can only be set with the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 device.


The always-on display can be set to “Smart,” which automatically turns on only when the device is being worn, or the time of day when it is enabled.

With heart rate, blood oxygen level, and sleep monitoring turned on and Always On Display enabled, battery consumption was about 1% per hour.



The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 supports always-on display, which means that checking the time can now be done immediately in any state, eliminating the need to raise your arm or touch it.

It now automatically measures blood oxygen levels in addition to heart rate, and is recommended for those who want to monitor their health more easily and confidently.

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