OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Limited Edition Review – A collaborative model with Xiangling and Guoba


I purchased a OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Limited Edition.

Includes several Xiangling and Guoba goods

The OnePlus Ace 2, the third Genshin collaboration from OnePlus after Sucrose and Hu Tao, is now available in collaboration with Xiangling.

It is the first OnePlus phone with a leather back, with a bright red body inspired by flames.


There is a flame element symbol on the back of the box.


When you open the food-box shaped box, you will be greeted by Xiangling, Guoba, and Liyue Harbor.

Unfortunately, the illustration is not newly written, but is an illustration that appears at the end of the story movie “The Perfect Taste of the World”.


Liyue Harbor was used in the Hu Tao collaboration too.


The upper of the two tiers contains bonus goods.

One is a scroll-style poster.


It is in the shape of a book with an illustration of Guoba and contains a card and SIM pin.


The first thing that jumps out at you is the illustration of Xiangling and Guoba.


Next, there is an illustration card of Xiangling and Guoba.

I wanted it to be in the style of the Genius Invokation TCG card.


Finally, there are stickers of Xiangling and a SIM pin of Guoba.

There are two stickers in the package, maybe one for sticking and one for collection.


The SIM pin is made of metal and is easier to hold than a regular SIM pin.


背面にOnePlus x 原神とロゴが入っています。


Deep red leather back

The official name of the OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Limited Edition in China is “OnePlus Ace 2 Lava Red (一加 Ace 2 熔岩红)” and as the name suggests, it has a lava-red back.


Leather is used, and the feel is good.

It is also fingerprint resistant, and we would like to see its adoption spread to other models besides the collaboration model.

The design does not have a collaborative feel, so it is easy to use even for those who simply like red-colored phones.


It is hard to see, but the edges have a jagged pattern.

When you hold it horizontally, for example, you can hook your finger on it to prevent it from slipping.


Wallpaper, icons, etc. are themed in Xiangling

The OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Limited Edition is also Xiangling-specific inside.

Even the wallpaper, AOD, home screen icons and keyboard are customized.

There are two wallpapers available: a live wallpaper with a large illustration of a Xiangling, and a still wallpaper with an illustration of a Guoba.

You can find the Xiangling theme in the my_company partition. It is uploaded here.


In game mode, Guoba pops up.

The global version of Genshin can also be used with frame interpolation and HDR.

Frame interpolation can be used to create a pseudo 120 FPS at 60 FPS settings, resulting in smooth motion that can be clearly seen when the camera moves horizontally, especially in the case of Nahida’s shutter.


Other performance and other aspects were measured but were not much different from the standard version, so I will omit them.

Please see this review of the standard version.

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The OnePlus Ace 2 Genshin Limited Edition is priced at 3699 CNY in China.

Buy at JD

It is sold at GIZTOP for the rip-off price of $899 and is out of stock as of 2023/05/03.


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