How to enable Android Auto on Xiaomi MIUI Chinese ROM [Magisk]

Android Auto

I created a Magisk module that solves the problem of not being able to use Android Auto with MIUI Chinese ROMs, etc.

Need Android Auto app in /system

Android Auto is useful when using an Android phone for car navigation purposes, but the Chinese version of Xiaomi MIUI phones can’t use it even if the app is installed.

This is because the permission necessary to use Android Auto is not granted unless the AndroidAutoStub is included in the system.

Therefore, I made a Magisk module for rooted environments.

Please install cn2global module if it’s not installed yet. (Xiaomi / realme OnePlus / ZTE nubia)

Download on GitHub

First, uninstall the Android Auto app before installing.

Next, from the Magisk app’s Modules tab, select, install it, and reboot.

After restarting, update Android Auto.

For some reason it does not seem to appear in the list of apps in the home App, so please start .companion.AndroidAutoActivity or create a shortcut for it in Activity Launcher or similar.

Then, open the application permission settings of the non-MIUI customized version with the app such as “MIUI Hidden Settings”, and allow all permission for Android Auto.

Activity Launcher

You should now be able to connect to Android Auto devices. (I confirmed with Android Auto Desktop Head Unit emulator)

I confirmed with Android 12 and MIUI 13.1 CN and I think that it works even with the Chinese version ROM of other makers.

If you want to use Android Auto for car navigation, but there is no global version ROM, please try to use this module.

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