WeTest PerfDog is on sale for $19.99/300 minutes – FPS measurement app for Android/iOS

WeTest PerfDog usage rights are available at a discount exclusively on our site.

For accurate FPS and power consumption measurements

Have you ever wondered how well your Android / iOS smartphone runs games?

To measure performance, you need data such as frame rate (FPS), power consumption, and battery temperature, but most of the measurement apps available in the Play Store give you bullshit numbers.

This is where WeTest PerfDog comes in handy.

WeTest PerfDog is a professional tool used by Xiaomi, ASUS, miHoYo, and others, and can accurately measure data.


WeTest PerfDog is basically a pay-as-you-go service, with 120 minutes of usage (quota) available for $99, or $9.9 on sale.

This time, we were able to get a 300-minute quota (valid for one year) for $19.99 for our readers.

You can purchase the quota exclusively on our site through 2023/04/10 at this link. The regular price is $150, so it is quite reasonable.

Buy WeTest PerfDog Quota

vivo X Fold

With WeTest PerfDog, you can get an idea of true gaming performance based on objective data that benchmarking applications alone cannot tell you.

Why not take this opportunity to try WeTest PerfDog?

Buy WeTest PerfDog Quota

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